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Haydarpaşa Train Station


train station

Osmanağa Mosque


House of Barış Manço

house of
barış manço


Map of Kadıköy

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Hemdat Israel Synagogue

hemdat israel

Süreyya Opera House

opera house

Surp Takavor Armenian Church

surp takavor
armenian church

guideist street walks kadıköy background

          an area that is older even than the ancient istanbul, central kadıköy bears the ancient nickname ''city of the blind''. yet, in our walk we'll see how arguable this is; as it is truly a lively, hectic and a bright hub of today's istanbul with so many places to see. so besides those highlights above, places that make kadıköy such as; hagia euphemia greek orthodox church, historic houses of yeldeğirmeni, the church of notre dame de rosarie (yeldeğirmeni art center), statue of the bull, surp levon armenian catholic church, streets of the artists and bars, hagia triada greek orthodox church, the church of notre dame de l'assomption, all saints chapel, mansion of sarıca paşa, the sacred fountain of hagia katerina and many more will either be seen or talked about in our tour and of course, we will have some time for lunch at the very center of kadıköy. alongside these, there may be a chance to visit to the art gallery called halka sanat, depending on the time left and availability of exhibitions.

75 $ (per person, regular price, min. 5 people)

175 $ (per person, private tour, min. 1 person)


guiding and transportation services.


entrance fees to barış manço house, lunch and gratuities.



- regular bookings are requested to be made 6 weeks before the tour date, to provide better availability.
- if the minimum number is not reached for regular groups, then the booking will be cancelled two weeks before the tour date and the whole sum will be refunded.

- the places that we get to see from inside during this walk are; the osmanağa mosque, the house of barış manço and the süreyya opera house. the rest will be seen from the outside.
- please wear comfortable shoes and try to bring less stuff with you.
- scarves are given for free at the entrance of the mosques but we recommend you bring your own.
- meeting point is the statue of the bull. you will be seeing your guide holding a sign written ''guideist'' on it.
- we will be using the discord app for safe communication during our tours, if necessary. the necessary instructions will be given to you at the beginning. we will not provide any earphones due to health reasons therefore we recommend you bring your own.
- we would like to remind you that it is an obligation to wear masks in our tours and we recommend you bring your own, as well.
- the walk begins at 9:00 am and ends at around 5:00 pm at the beginning point.
- your guide can make changes in the sequence of the visits.
- recommendations will be made for lunch.
- this walk can be booked except for mondays, as the house of barış manço is closed on mondays.

- our tour is free for the kids between the ages 0-6.

- please note that the maximum number of people for this walk is 10, children between the ages 0-6 excepted. 

- entrance fee to the house of barış manço is 10 turkish liras for adults and 5 turkish liras for children (ID required).
- all our prices are v.a.t. included.

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