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cancellation & refunds

i. tailor-made

    cancellations and refunds for tailor-made services will be negotiated and agreed upon the particular contract of the service, due to the service's nature.

ii. general terms

    a. all cancellations must be made in writing, via e-mail, with the invoice of the service attached.
    b. a booking is considered successfully canceled or amended only after we send successful notification via e-mail and cancellation/amendment fees are assessed.
    c. all services of guideist are sold as an entire package; as such there will be no possibility of partial refunds after a booking is made, for portions of a service that you have not decided to utilize or will not be able to utilize due to force majeure.
    d. in case of a booking made by an unauthorized use of a credit card and the service is provided, then no payment will be refunded.

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