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fener & balat

Ahrida Synagogue
Pammakaristos Church (Fethiye Museum)

ahrida synagogue

Fener & Balat Map

pammakaristos church (fethiye museum)

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

greek orthodox


Sultan Selim Mosque

sultan selim mosque

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
guideist street walks fener & balat background

     being amongst the most colorful and historical areas of istanbul; cibali, fener and balat neighbors have a lot to share. hence, we are to discover what these places have to offer by walking through, step by step: along with spontaneous discoveries, right on the spot, we take a walk from a church converted to a mosque, to the recent greek orthodox patriarchate; from a sephardic synagogue to an armenian orthodox church. in addition; places such as the church of st. theodosia (gül mosque), gate of cibali, church of st. nicholas, bulgarian orthodox church, palace of dimitri kantemir, church of mary mouchliotissa, greek high school, balat jewish hospital, church of st. dimitri, yanbol synagogue, gate of balat and several others will either be seen or talked about and for sure, we will have some free time for lunch in between.

75 $ (per person, regular price, min. 5 people) 

175 $ (per person, private tour, min. 1 person) 


guiding and transportation services.


entrance fee to chora, transportation expenses, lunch and gratuities.



- regular bookings are requested to be made 6 weeks before the tour date, to provide better availability.

- if the minimum number is not reached for regular groups, then the booking will be cancelled two weeks before the tour date and the whole sum will be refunded.
- 24-hour-cancellation policy applies for private tours.

- the places that we get to see from the inside are: the mosque of sultan selim, the church of st. theodosia (gül mosque), bulgarian orthodox church (may not be open to visit on sundays), greek orthodox patriarchate, pammakaristos church (fethiye museum) and surp hreshdagabet armenian church. the rest will be seen from outside.
- please wear comfortable shoes and try to bring less stuff with you.
- scarves are given for free at the entrance of the mosques but we recommend you bring your own.

- meeting point is the greek orthodox patriarchate. you will be seeing your guide holding a sign written ''guideist'' on it.

- we will be using the discord app for safe communication during our tours, if necessary. the necessary instructions will be given to you at the beginning. we will not provide any earphones due to health reasons therefore we recommend you bring your own.
- we would like to remind you that it is an obligation to wear masks in our tours and we recommend you bring your own, as well.

- the walk begins at 8:30 am and ends at around 5:00 pm, usually after seeing the jewish hospital.
- your guide can make changes on the sequence of visits. 
- recommendations will be made for lunch.
- nowadays, pammakaristos church (fethiye museum) is under restoration. thus, it will be exchanged with chora. 

- this walk can be booked except for wednesdays, as the chora might be closed on wednesdays.
- entrance to chora still requires a payment of 65 turkish liras per person, as it still is a museum in practice.

- our tour is free for the kids between the ages 0-6.
- please note that the maximum number of people for this walk is 10, children between the ages 0-6 excepted. 

- all our prices are v.a.t. included.

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